Core Team

Peter has a long and varied career in business, initially in hospitality and followed by the electronic security sector. Importing equipment from Asia, South Africa and Europe and distributing it through his company in Ireland. As the business developed, so did the product range, evolving in to a product procurement specialist company that is MSSEMEA Ltd. today.

After spending a lot of his time in North Africa in 2012 and 2013, Peter decided that Malta, being in the EU yet close to the Middle East and Africa, was the perfect location for the MSSEMEA head office, and so in 2015, MSSEMEA Ltd. was incorporated in Malta. As a great believer in the importance of building a strong solid team, and with a Global Network of contacts and associated network of partners, Peter built on the early successes and added core Team Members, who with him, have become the nucleus of the MSSEMEA team.

MSSEMEA, under Peter’s leadership, now has strategic (Joint Venture) partners and offices around the world, and as part of this global network and alliances, has built a company that successfully operates in: project funding & investment; agriculture; renewable energy; aviation; oil & gas; commodities; vehicles; and humanitarian aid.

Peter’s Core Competencies/ Industries/ Responsibilities:

  • Business Development
  • Funding & Investments
  • Aviation – Commercial
  • Humanitarian Aid – Supply and logistics to the most hostile and remote regions on the planet.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm – Winston Churchill

Harj is the bridge between Ekofastba S.L. and MSSEMEA. Part of his role for us in the JVP is to act as our primary responsible officer for legal affairs, and he endeavours to ensure that safeguard compliance systems for Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) and Counter Terrorist Financing (“CTF”) are robustly adhered to. The process involves Harj conducting extensive due diligence and collaborating with clients and suppliers, acting as the single point of contact, with the aim of ensuring that legal documents pertaining to each transaction are constructed and executed with correct procedures and terminology, with a view to facilitate seamless conclusion of the transaction within standard international business practices and security protocols.

Harj’s Core Competencies/ Industries/ Responsibilities:

  • Legal Contracts/ Agreements
  • Due Diligence
  • Oil & Gas
  • Liason officer from Ekofastba S.L. (part of the UNIVERSUM Group of companies)
  • Funding & Investments

Kash started his business career in 1983, by setting up a series of retail outlets in the UK, and in 1987 he set up and begun running his first manufacturing company in the garments industry. During this period, Kash has also became actively involved in the property sector, buying, renovating and selling a number of properties, whilst retaining a select number for his property rental business.

In recent years, Kash, by leveraging his extensive personal and professional network, has turned his attention to commodities and has assisted clients in the purchase and sales of gold, diamonds and classic cars, while also advising and assisting clients in the property market which is one of his core specialties.

With over 30 successful finance raises during his business career, Kash now leads the MSSEMEA Funding & Investment Team.

Kash’s Core Competencies/ Industries/ Responsibilities:

  • Finance/ Funding/ Investments
  • Commodities Expert
  • Properties Expert

Fiona has been involved in a variety of businesses for many years. Her first business was in the beauty sector, operating a number of successful salons exclusively representing a number of international brands in Malta. A training school soon followed with a lot of international travel in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, where she taught and trained students.

As business developed, and after a personal development opportunity presented itself, Fiona moved her astute acumen in to property, which has been her focus for the past few years. As an add-on, funding and funding partners contribute to Fiona’s considerable business network, and as a consequence, this has brought new and even more diverse opportunities to MSSEMEA and its partners.

Fiona’s Core Competencies/ Industries/ Responsibilities:

  • Finance/ Funding/ Investments
  • Properties Expert

Eric is an entrepreneur at heart and the owner, shareholder and investor in many companies. His 30+ years’ experience has been gained in the financial investment sector, online banking, petrochemical, construction and renewable energy (hydro power, solar, wind) sectors as well as business management, risk management, project and people management and commodities trading / general trading.

Focused, driven, result-oriented, fair, open minded, going the extra mile, high level of professionalism balanced with a great sense of humour are some of the observations of Eric made by those who have interacted and/ or worked with him. He often finds himself in the role of mentor and trusted advisor given his extensive international experience, business acumen and expertise.

The environment, sustainability as well as safety in today’s world are topics that Eric cares deeply about and is closely involved in various related projects.

Eric’s Core Competencies/ Industries/ Responsibilities:

  • Global Operations
  • Research
  • Commodities Expert

Han is the focal point for MSSEMEA for international financial transactions concerning complex global  payments and structures.

Han also has many years of experience in logistics, commodities, petrochemicals and the tank farm business. With this wide breadth of experience in various industries and geographies, Han’s vast network of contacts and experts are at his disposal to tackle any circumstance or need.

Han’s Core Competencies/ Industries/ Responsibilities:

  • Financial Bonds/ Securities
  • Cryptocurrencies/ Blockchain
  • Commodities Expert
  • Logistics Expert

Regional Teams


North Africa

Dynamic multi-talented and energetic professional with many years of experience in business management and team leading.

Title: Executive Branch Manager (North Africa Region)

Contact numbers:
00353894689888 (Republic of Ireland)
00218918588310 (Libya)

Entrepreneur with a large scope of international business expertise and experience.

Financial adviser with a proven track record in closing large business .

Title: Business Development Manager (North Africa Region)

Contact numbers:
00218918768740 (Libya)
0021628037585 (Tunisia)



Title: Business Development Manager (Pakistan)

Title: Business Development Manager (Pakistan)