In 2017,  MSSEMEA and  UNIVERSUM INVENIO Ltd. (registered in HK) came together to create a Joint Venture Partnership (“JVP”), initially the focus of the JVP was to trade crude oil and refined petroleum products, and with the natural synergy that ensued, the JVP rapidly broadened into other industry sectors.

In 2018, the Universum Group company EKOFASTBA S.L. (registered in Spain) was added to the JVP along with MSSEMEA’s expanded Fuel Desk to create  FUELS TRADE DESK with which to operate the Oil & Gas aspects of the JVP.

The JVP enjoys breadth of benefit from the combined extensive networks of the partners, gained through their business streams  and strong networks of associates, subsidiary companies and high level government contacts in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Please visit the Fuels Trade Desk website for further information: