MSSEMEA and our manufacturing partners are specialist providers of armouring and vehicle customisation needs. We offer custom armouring services to our patrons. By assessing the level of perceived threat, and taking other considerations into account, we can help you armour your vehicles to the threat levels accordingly.

Our armouring is based on internationally accepted standards of safety, including the British BS 5051, NTC 1417 regulations, European DIN & EN 1063 and International Regulation UL752. Whether you want protection from light firearms or high power artillery and military grade weaponry, you can use our armouring.

We specialise in the supply of Armoured Vehicles (B4, B5, B6, B7, VR7, NIJ, STANAG armouring levels) for High Risk Private Individuals, Government, Military and Security companies operating in hostile environments. We have a comprehensive range of vehicles which fulfil all kinds of security needs. Our product range covers armoured SUV’s, armoured light vehicles, armoured pickups, armoured busses and vans, armoured cash in transit vehicles, armoured speciality vehicles and soft skin vehicles. We also provide safety accessories for both vehicle safety and personal safety including armoured vests, armoured jackets and armoured helmets for various vehicles, and personal safety accessories including armoured vests.