Armoured Vehicles

These armoured vehicles fall into different categories, which include; Armoured Security Vehicles, Armoured Cash-in Transit Vehicles, Armoured Special Vehicles and Armored Personnel Carriers.

The full list of all available armoured vehicles is available here: Armoured buses and vans, Armoured 4×4’s, Armoured cars, Armoured ambulances, Armoured cash-in-transit vehicles, Armoured police vehicles, helicopters and jets.

Armoured Buses and Vans
Armoured M-B Sprinter logo Armoured Mercedes Benz Sprinter 

A Toyota_Coaster_bus Armoured Toyota Coaster Passenger Bus

Armoured 4×4’s 

Mercedes Benz GL,  Armoured Mercedes Benz GL

Mercedes Benz AMG G-Wagon G63 l Armoured Mercedes Benz G-Wagon G63

Toyota Hilux B6  Armoured Toyota Hilux

LEXUS LX570 PREMIUM  Armoured Lexus LX570 Premium

Range Rover SC  Armoured Range Rover SC

Armoured Cars

Audi A8 B6 Armoured Audi R8

Bentley Mulsanne  Armoured Bentley Mulsanne

Capture 6  Armoured BMW

Toyota Camry   Armoured Toyota Camry

Armoured Ambulances  

Toyota_Land_Cruiser Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 78 Ambulance

Land Cruiser Ambulance Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 78 Ambulance

Ford F-550  Ambulance  Armoured Ford F-550 Ambulance

Armoured Cash-In-Transit Vehicles

_Ford_F550_Cash-In_Transit Armoured Cash-In-Transit Ford F-550

Helicopters and Jets

Gazelle AH1 Gazelle AH1

MI-24-35 1 LOGO MI-24-35

MI-24-35 MI-24-35

Dassault Falcon 8X Dassault Falcon 8X

Mi 8 ATM Mi-8-ATM




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